The Art of Maintenance

PREVENTING, IMPROVING and AT BREAKDOWN. These are our three Technical Consulting intervention strategies, because we know how to specifically and effectively intervene in order e direct selling italia to reach your target and guarantee constant profit over time.

We wanted to split our TECHNICAL CONSULTING activities into three possible solutions, proposing them as preventing, improving and at breakdown: this is just a general sorting to underline from the start the different traits, procedures and targets that vary depending on the specific projects or on the company/product/sales network’s requirements.

Lets have a closer look and see what these intervention strategies are and what they are about.
For companies that have stable results and that meet their targets, a preventing or improving technical consulting strategy can be an added value to identify or channel resources and activities to the benefit of existing and already planned projects.

PREVENTING means taking advantage of technical advice aimed at revisioning, correcting or replacing interventions before they prove to be ineffective or fruitless.

IMPROVING means, however, that the technical advice focuses on strengthening and / or improving proactively activities that are already running, and at the same time increasing the activity’s value as well as the value of planned projects, and in a reasonably shorter time.

To make a long story short: PREVENTING means “replacing”, while IMPROVING means “strengthening”.

Maintenance technician -TecnicoFinally, AT BREAKDOWN maintenance is a technical consulting strategy consisting in a “first aid” intervention as soon as a project or a business is weak, ineffective or as in most cases it is not reaching the targets. In this specific case, DSCC’s profiles, the experience gained over years and the support of our technician partners become the right “tools” for an immediate intervention that partially or entirely restores effective operations.