DS – why today

Direct selling confirmed itself to be as an anti-cyclical market over the last years and people like home selling out of two important reasons: the flexibility of a service that can be done directly at home which allows a proper time management and fosters a nice and appreciated purchase and the advantage of the direct relationship between the customer and the sales representative, who becomes a real dedicated consultant, creating a connection between product and the company based on trust and fidelity.


Direct selling is a working model that generates interest and which is applied by many people: it’s a dynamic and modern activity. If the model is applied with passion, expertise and work ethic, like DSCC does, the results are economically attractive and satisfying.

Our main goal in creating Direct Selling Consulting Company (DSCC) has been to convey our specialized expertise in order to be able to promote through our work and our practice the image of Direct Selling as well as of companies’ and sales’ representatives’ who carry out high-quality and professional work.